PROJECTS - The Vanwest Doka


The guys from Vanwest have been on the hunt for a sensible work truck for a while now. As I’m sure you can imagine there is all sorts of stuff that needs to be shifted around site all weekend, from gazebos and signage to rubbish and portaloos. Some sort of DOKA seemed to be the perfect solution and the hunt was on for one without the dreaded scene tax.
At the start of 2019 one was found and plans began to unfold on how to make it look a bit cooler…


With the truck now at Vanwest HQ in Battle (yes Crawf lives in Battle… and yes it is an incredibly long drive from the South West…) First thing on the long list of jobs was to hit it with the lowering stick, everything looks cool when slammed…

4” Faulkners were installed on the rear and the front dropped to the lowest position on the torsion bar. 15” Wheels with 205/55 tyres gave enough tread for a relatively comfortable ride (considering the lack of travel) but not so much tyre that they would hit the tubs or arches when turning. The truck looked very cool! Almost as cool as Alex’s slammed white doka with the 11” wide banded steels!
It was also proving practical to a certain point, it was easy to get stuff in and out of the back but the tyres were useless on wet grass and being a 2.5TDI the lower gearbox mount was now hitting the floor on cambered roads and gravel tracks around the site. Not ideal for a sensible work truck which is going to be spending a lot of its time off road.


Regardless of what suspension it was going to have the DOKA needed to get on brand, so a full respray was needed in graffiti paint. This is a real driveway build, a bunch of mates getting stuck in over a long weekend sharing a well earned cider during and after the build.