HOW-TO: Colour Magic


Colour Magic

I was recently tasked with creating a short video to show how to use Turtle Wax Colour Magic.
The hunt was on for a suitable vehicle, something that people would be interested in, something with slightly faded paint and something that would show a real difference!
It just so happens that Myles from The Old Dub Shop in Bristol had just put his 1985 Polo up for sale, originally from the factory it was red but now it was now sporting a mix of shades of pink around the body work with rather pale plastic trim. Perfect for what we needed!

This had been Myles’ daily for a number of years, it was well used and well loved but was currently parked up under wraps in the corner of the garage. Working all day on other peoples vehicles left him little time to work on his own and his paintwork had seen better days. With a potential buyer arranging transportation to view the car at the end of the week, we gathered the products needed and set to work on the car. The plan was simple, start early, work all day, get lots of photos and video of the transformation, nail the viewing, sell the car and go for a pint.

First things first, we got the car out the garage and gave it a good clean. Using M.A.X Power Carwash with its adjustable strength depending on quantity of product used. The M.A.X Power Carwash lifted the dirt off the Polo easily and we were able to see what condition the car was actually in. This is where the real challenge in front of us had become apparent though… The car was much more pink than we had originally thought. (Great for content, not so good for our arms, the plan was to clean the car up using the most simple methods. We wanted it so somebody could pop to the shops after reading this, pick up a few products and make a real difference to their vehicle, the idea being anyone reading this could achieve the same results. No specialist equipment was used, no fancy photoshop on the photos…)

With the car cleaned we got it back in the garage and started to work on the paint work. Colour Magic was our weapon of choice, a product which has been available and working wonders for over two decades!

  • Wash and dry the vehicle. Shake well. Apply to a cool, clean surface. Test product on a small area to check colour match.

  • Apply a small amount of product onto a damp foam applicator or cloth and spread evenly on one section at a time - allow to dry to a haze.

  • Remove excess with a soft cloth - buff lightly to enhance gloss and colour depth.

Working our way around the bodywork one panel at a time it wasn’t long before the car was looking completely different with minimal effort! (Yea… Minimal effort in the sense that it was done by hand, but there was a decent amount of effort to get it to this stage…”

With the body work done it was time to address other parts of the car, as mentioned before the bumpers and trim were looking awfully faded. We opted to try out a new product - Black In A Flash, its available in a variety of options, we went for the spray can of course! (I wouldn’t say we were being lazy, but we were looking for the easiest option after working on the red panels by hand for so long!) A simple spray and wipe off brought the trim back to life! This section of the story is rather small, I wish there was more to say, but that was it, a quick spray and a wipe and we were done! (Below you can see a 50/50 on the front bumper where half had been sprayed and the other half had not been sprayed)

Ok so the front end has a few stone chips and could do with a touch up, there is some vinyl missing on the wing etc but for less than £15 spent on products we were very happy!

What do you think?