HOW-To: Headlight Lens Restorer

I’m back in the workshop with another Turtle Wax product to test out and this time it’s the Headlight Lens Restorer kit.

Unfortunately some cars suffer more than others with their headlights dulling over time, the MK5 Golf is one of those cars and even in the UK now that they have been on the road for a few years often the headlights are rather oxidised and look rather tired. But there is no need to replace the headlights, a little bit physical work and they can be looking as good as new!

The Turtle Wax kit comes almost everything you need, the only thing I would add is some tape, to avoid any damage to the surrounding paint work (presuming you are going to clean the headlights with them still in the car rather than removing them.)

So whats in the box?

  • Wipes to clean and seal the lenses

  • Lens Clarifying Compound

  • Spray Lubricant

  • Two sided clarification pads