With a variety of experience and equipment at his disposal Andrew has a vast range of photography options to choose from, please take a look below at the types of photography Andrew can offer you and your business.



Using relevant locations for a vehicle can really enhance a set of images, whether thats a surf bus on the beach or a race spec beast on a track.


The studio environment offers a clean backdrop to let the vehicle do all the talking…


Six meters of specialist carbon fibre rig equipment is used to create images which are traditionally not possible. Great for creating eye catching and unique imagery.

Light Painting

Light painting is a real art, using long exposures and continuous lighting we are able to light the vehicle in a way which compliments the vehicles shape by highlighting curves and the characteristics of the vehicle.

Multi Layer Manipulation

With a number of vehicles to light and a huge whole in the wall that needed filling, this shot for the cover of Street Machine magazine was made up of several images all merged together. See more on this here.