Automotive Features

Check out below a collection of Automotive features from Andrew at aTHOMPSONsPHOTO

Below is just a small collection of images which show how Andrew’s photos have been used in automotive features. With new features published in magazines every month the best way to see Andrew’s work is to head to your local newsagents and pick up a copy of the latest magazine or by looking on his social media channels at @aTHOMPSONsPHOTO

There are over fifty vehicles on magazine front covers! Plus lots more in side with poster pull outs in
both magazines from the UK and around the world.


Figures accurate as of 2018

Volksworld (UK)
Marcel’s Ghia on the cover of Volksworld, photographed in Long Beach, CA

911 & Porsche World (UK)
Joshy Robots 911 photographed in Morro Bay, CA


VW Speed (DE)
Ian's body dropped bay window on the cover and inside of VWSpeed (DE)


Camper & Commercial (UK)
A beautiful original classic with cupboards filled with parts from the original purchase photographed in Florida (USA)


VolksWagen Magazine Australia (AUS)
Matt's T25 panel van in VWMA (AUS)

Camper & Bus (UK)
Rolando’s Splitscreen in Santa Monica (USA)

Custom Car (UK)
Buzz from Retro Tourer’s 32’ roadster

Simon Winship’s T5 photographed in the detailing bay for VWT

Performance VW Magazine (UK)

James's VR6 Cab on the cover and inside PVW

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 15.33.43.jpg

Performance BMW Magazine (UK)

Dave's 1502 on the cover and inside PBMW


VWBus T4&T5+ Magazine (UK)

T5 pick up on the cover with poster pull out & 4 other features inside!

Street Machine UK
A small selection of Andy Saunders Kustoms car collection on the cover and inside Street Machine magazine

Demon Motorsports from Florida (USA) on the cover of Ultra VW magazine



The Acme split and body dropped polished Eriba on the cover and poster pull out in Ultra VW  


Performance VW Magazine (UK)

The TourettesHero tour bus, built with parts from eBay UK photographed in One Red Eye Studio in Central London for PVW


Japanese Performance Magazine (UK)

Not every day you see a bagged Impreza - it's safe to say not everyone like it either. Unless you part of the 'stance' scene because everyone there absolutely loved it! 

Japanese Performance
JRMotorworx RX-7

VWBus Magazine
Cali Campers collection of T4’s on the cover and inside

Audi Tuner (UK)

Matt's B4 - wrapped, bagged and rollin on Rotiforms - perfect!

vw driver.jpg

Volkswagen Driver (UK)

Martin's wrapped MK2 Jetta photographed at Bath VW